Costs for residential window tinting

How much does residential window tinting cost?

National average says that residential and home windowtinting is around $150-$1500. A good way to think of it is by square foot.

What does it cost to tint your home windows? This is an expensive endeavor if you are planning on going by there foot, also if you are tinting your home with ceramic as opposed to other tinting films.

This isn't something in most homes you want to do this on your own or have something done with a friend who may think he knows what is doing. It's probably best if you hire a professional to do the job for you.

If you are tinting 10+ windows costs can get up to $3000 + if you are just tinting 4-5 windows the costs can be much less. National Average for home window tints is around $591 however can get up to $1500 for these tints.

Cost to Tint Windows on a House

Tinting several windows in the home costs $318 to $875, or about $7 to $110 per square foot. The total expense differs due to these factors: type of film size window style flat windows, like double-hung and casement varieties, are the cheapest types to tint.

Window tinting installation for Flat, Double Hung, Double Pane or Casement windows

will cost anywhere from $110 to $7 per square foot to install for flat windows, Installation prices per square foot can be smaller if your windows are in fact larger.

Door Tint

For just the door tint you still are going to be charged anywhere from $7-$110 per square foot given the size of the door this can play a big difference. If you run into a pro and have many years of experience or are extremely sought after they can charge upwards of $110 - $150.

French or Muntin Windows

Installation for these windows has small panes which can be anywhere from $10 per square foot - $2 - $100 per square foot. These need to be cut to the exact size requirements or they are not correctly installed and can cause problems in the future.

Installing Skylights

Because Installing tints on skylights are typically requires special materials you should discuss skylight tinting with a professional because of their shape and composition. Because of the manufacturing of the window tint, whether that's 3M or any other skylight it can cause serious issues if you don't have the correct film. They can damage many things in your home. In summary, Home window tinting must be done with a professional.